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For Doctors

The most advanced device in our portfolio is our Doctor's Device. This device can extract body type, take a pulse reading, give possible diagnosis for the reading as well as recommendations for recovery.

For Your Family

This device enables everyone to read their own nadi pulse. Our take-home version allows 5 accounts, so the whole family can enjoy the benefits of regular NadiPulse readings from the comfort of their home. 

For You

Our most exciting device yet - wearable technology based in the science of Ayurveda. This device can track your diet, sleep, menstrual cycle and more. From fitness to holistic health, this device covers it all.

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Our Goals

Revive Ayurveda

At NadiPulse Prognostics, our mission is to introduce Ayurveda to the world once more, in a form that is scientific, reliable and highly efficient. By studying the intricacies of the nadi technique, we can imitate the magic in a technology and data-driven solution.

Assist Doctors

Our range of devices have been created to enhance the practice of a doctor, never to replace one. We aim to provide technological assistance without taking away the importance of a doctor's insight.

Promote Holistic Wellness

We believe that a body functions as a whole. Wellness and health must be focussed around the entire system and not just individual parts. We find this outlook aligns perfectly with Ayurvedic philosophy.

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